• Our Story

    Cheat Base is made up of two guys. My name is Logan, I made the site you are looking at. My buddy is Hunter, and without him there would be no point to this website, because he designs exactly what you're here for! The hacks, keygens, cracks, and all the other goodies that you come here for. Hunter is a self taught programmer, proficient with languages such as C(++), Python, Java, ASM, DM, LUA, ChucK, VB, Basic, STAMP, and much much more. The guy is a friggin' genius is what I'm getting at here.

    Our story is pretty simple. We are childhood buddies who have always loved video games growing up and continue to at the ages of 26 and 28. We decided to get together one day and design CheatBase, as a means of bringing you the best video game cheats and hacks completely free of charge. The way we offer you these programs for free is by simply having you do a simple little survey or something in exchange for our software. We'll never charge you money right out of your pocket, only a moment of your time.

  • Contact Us

    Have a question about the site? Want to ask a question about one of our many programs? Just want to chat? Go for it! We'd love to hear from you.

    Logan and Hunter can be contacted at the following email address: